"Blood Rising": Murder in a Mexican Border City

For two decades, women who work in the export plants of Ciudad Juarez, have been found murdered. The death count in these "femicides" has risen to nearly 400 now, yet only 2% of the murders have been prosecuted. As the mothers of the murdered women have pressed for justice, they, too, have been threatened. Their decision to place their story in the hands of artist Brian Maguire is told through the film "Blood Rising."

On Oct. 7, Marisela Ortiz Rivera, co-founder of Nuestras Hijas de Regreso a Casa (Bring Our Daughters Home), and film maker Mark McLoughlin, discussed the documentary and the tragedy it tells, along with a panel of experts, including Maria Elena Vargas, a lecturer in the Women and Gender Studies Department, who is completing a disseration on gender violence in Latin America at the University of Maryland; and SFSU history graduate student, Athena Eliades, who is researching the influence of the Ciudad Juarez femicides.